Support for your travelling staff and their families at home.

You send staff on non-family postings.

Your staff travel for their work.

You want to support your staff and their families staying at home.

I'm here to help you help them.

“The business case is clear: Investing in family-friendly policies helps improve workforce productivity and a company’s ability to attract, motivate and retain employees.”



What would support your staff the most?


Do you know what stresses your staff and their families face because of frequent travel or non-family postings? These courses acknowledge the struggles and offer practical solutions to common challenges.


90 minutes will help your staff and their families realise that frequent time away creates unique circumstances. They will learn what can help foster togetherness and reduce stress from being apart.


I am happy to customise a talk for your organisation’s needs. Contact me to let me know what would be most helpful for the staff who travel and/or for their families.