What is Coaching

‘Coaching is architecture, therapy is archaeology’.

I love that analogy because coaching is about moving forward and living life by design.

During a coaching session, I will:

  • Ask you questions on your life, what frustrates you, what you would like to change.
  • Listen intently and give you permission to speak freely.
  • Challenge, mirror, explore what you are saying to enable you to go deeper.
  • Encourage you and be your cheerleader.
  • Keep our conversations confidential. *

As a result, you will:

  • Identify where frustrations really come from.
  • Come up with your own solutions that you may not have thought of before.
  • act on what will really work for you and your lifestyle.
  • start living a life that aligns with your true self and that works for you.

What I will not do:

  • tell you what you should do
  • impose my way of doing things. I may share from time to time a personal story but only if it is relevant.
  • give you one size fits all solutions

Coaching is particularly valuable if you are the holding-the-fort partner or the travelling partner because it is a journey of self-discovery and change where YOU are in the driving seat and act in line with what works for YOUR life.

Contact me for a discovery call to hear more about my 1:1 coaching programmes.

*In accordance with the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics, all information acquired, be it through assessments, interviews or coaching conversations, will be kept strictly confidential. This information belongs to the client.

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Rhoda Bangerter

Rhoda Bangerter is a coach who has lived abroad with a travelling husband for over 16 years. She helps home based mums and dads live an intentional life and build family togetherness even when their partner is away a lot for work.

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