3 Keys to Create Family Belonging

This picture is of a multiculoured mosaic stained window with the words You Belong written on top of it in yellow pen.

For those juggling the demands of frequent work travel and family life, fostering a sense of belonging is both a challenge and a necessity. In episode #41 of Holding the Fort Abroad, Megan Norton, a Third Culture Kid (TCK) mentor and author of “Belonging Beyond Borders”, weaves her personal experiences with insights into the complexitiesof…

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Leaving home for a Job?

This picture shows a person with a suitcase and walking away. Their back is to the person seeing the photo

Are you facing the prospect of one partner working abroad while the other stays behind to manage family responsibilities?  Whether it’s a career opportunity too good to pass up or a necessary move for financial stability, grappling with the idea of split-family assignments can be challenging.  In episode #42 of the Holding the Fort Abroad…

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The Long-Distance Family Dynamic

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In episode 039 of ‘Holding the Fort Abroad,’ I sit down with guest Michael Sullivan to delve into the paradoxically uniting but physically separating experience of living abroad in split locations. Michael, living in Türkiye, and his wife in the Philippines, demonstrate that physical separation does not dictate the strength or functionality of a family…

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Mindset: First step to making an unaccompanied tour work

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Does having the ‘right’ mindset, whatever that is, really change things for us? Can our way of thinking or feeling (aka our mindset) make a tedious job more enjoyable, a mountain hike less sweaty, and an unaccompanied tour more thrilling or even just feasible? My mom moved countries when she was in her forties, she…

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We make frequent travel work

frequent business travel unaccompanied post

A while back I asked a holding the fort mum if she would be willing to speak about her experience living outside her home country, with a partner who frequently travels. Here are her answers. Do you relate? What has it been like for you with a partner who travels a lot?  It is tough. We…

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Boost your emotions when apart

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As a child growing up, we never celebrated much as a family. Birthdays yes, but not much more. I have recently been reminded that even small celebrations can boost our emotions and have a very positive impact on both our mental health and our experience of everyday life. I read an article in the Harvard…

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We are different, so what?

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There is much written about cross-cultural communication in multicultural teams. It is vital in my opinion to apply this knowledge to a family context, a mini multicultural team. What I tend to see is information for families arriving in a new country. There are so many other areas to consider: being in an intercultural relationship,…

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How a cross-cultural pyramid showed me I wasn’t weird.

lewis model - Rhoda Bangerter

“You could nip out this afternoon and say goodbye to your friend,” I encouraged my husband on a sunny Saturday morning. Even though we had other friends visiting our home that afternoon, I didn’t think it was a problem if he left for a couple of hours. Especially as they were staying overnight and his…

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There is more to your argument

holding the fort abroad community membership - Rhoda Bangerter

My parents fought a lot when I was a child. They loved each other, there was no doubt about that, and their lives were intertwined for life but there were a lot of disagreements, usually expressed through shouting on my mother’s side and repressed frustration on my father’s side. Growing up, I just thought that…

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