About a Multicultural Life

We moved, my husband jumped on a plane for work, we had three young children, all I knew was how to get to the mall . . . 

Until I met you, I thought I was overthinking it . . . 

I couldn’t cope, I thought there was something wrong with me . . .

I am Mexican, we live in Germany, my husband’s country, he travels a lot for work, we have a two year old, I am drowning. . .

I travelled a lot throughout my son’s life, now he won’t listen to me . . . 


I've been married to a travelling husband for over 16 years, including two years when he was based in Kabul. (If your partner works in a dangerous location, I have a list of top tips for you. Click here)

Through personal coaching, group training, writing, speaking engagements and research, I support expat families where one partner travels a lot for work.


Hi, I’m Rhoda

I was raised in France, with a Welsh dad, a Syrian Armenian mum and I am married to a Swiss. My husband has traveled abroad for work throughout our whole marriage while we lived in Geneva, Bern, New York, Bishkek. For two years he was based in Kabul and I lived in Switzerland with our two boys.

Cultural differences have shown up big time in my life! Actually, a lot of people who have travelling partners also live outside their home country, are in an intercultural romantic relationship and speak multiple languages. If this is you, you are not alone!

Over the last few years, I realised that many moms and dads around the world experience the same challenges I did but there were no resources to guide them through this journey. This led me to run extensive research, share my learnings through the book, “Holding The Ford Abroad”, and develop my services.

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Download 'Living, Loving and Parenting Across the Miles'

Research-Backed Strategies When One Partner Works Away From Home. It covers:

  • Caring for you, as an individual
  • Staying connected as a couple
  • Parenting together, while physically apart
  • Reconnecting when the travelling partner returns home
  • Being prepared for emergencies
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